Application examples agricultural machinery

Our products are suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments. Our modern digital camera technology saves lives, prevents accidents, minimizes errors, achieves savings and increases plant efficiency. The quality of life of customers and employees alike is enhanced by our applications.

See below few examples of the wide range of possible applications for our cameras.

Monitoring the filling level

Monitoring the filling level

The ArkCam Smart detects the contour and fill level of the loader wagon, providing the driver with optimal support during the unloading process.

Monitoring the environment grape harvester

Monitoring the environment

The rear and working area can be optimally viewed and monitored by using the ArkCam Basic. Thus, people around the machine are detected in time and safety is increased.

Sprayer Traktor Landmaschine

Detect plant rows

The ArkCam Smart detects the corresponding rows and distances of the plants and thus enables a targeted guidance of the machine.

Sprayer Traktor Landmaschine

Monitor the work area

With the help of ArkCam Basic, the driver is optimally supported in monitoring the working area and can thus efficiently control his processes.


We are always looking for new applications and challenges. Even if they may seem impossible or difficult at first glance, these ideas lift us together to the next level.