Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben

Our products are suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments. Our modern digital camera technology saves lives, prevents accidents, minimizes errors, achieves savings and increases plant efficiency. The quality of life of customers and employees alike is enhanced by our applications.

See below few examples of the wide range of possible applications for our cameras.

Fire truck

ArkCam with IR or White Light LED

The ArkCam Basic+ offers optional white light or IR LED to ensure a clear view even in difficult lighting conditions.


Recognize persons

With ArkCam Smart in combination with ultrasonic, lidar, TOF or radar, personal and maneuvering damage is avoided.

Fire truck

Avoiding maneuvering damage

Superimposed overlays facilitate maneuvering in order to position the lowering supports perfectly.


We are always looking for new applications and challenges. Even if they may seem impossible or difficult at first glance, these ideas lift us together to the next level.